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European version of Spoviedž kryvi. This version's coming in a beautiful digipack with english versions of the Spoviedž kryvi's songs + a bonus track. SOLD-OUT


released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Crush The Desert Records France

Label underground produisant des groupes qui prient les anciens Dieux européens.

Underground label who product bands who pray the ancients Gods of Europe.

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Track Name: PIAREVARACIEN - Rise Up !
Rise Up !

Rise above the whole world,
Rise above yourself.
Hail to European countries,
And White People - Hail!

The eye of Sun is blessing you,
The heavens are your sourse
And you know - for all the times,
These lands will be yours!

Hey, let's see upon future,
Recollect ancestors' voice,
And feel honour for Europe
Understanding that your choice
Is the only right, so trust me
I can say without disgrace
That one day in the near future
You'll see White Europe face !
Track Name: PIAREVARACIEN - So, Sing a Song !
So, Sing a Song !

So, sing a song, my brother scald !
The words of song will fly in deep blue sky !
So, sing a song, awake the scope
Sing with no fear, with freedom and with pride !

My comrade warrior, let's go, let's take up arms !
We can protect the future of blue eyes !
Your mind is clear and your spirit's strong
We will survive in our sacred war !

Stay in one place - The fortunes of weak nations !
Sit and do nothing - the point of their lives !
The fear of death - their morbid expectation
While at the same time one could struggle for his life...

And let's then dark the mongrels and bootlickers
I'm not afraid of empty threats and lie !
I've seen the rising Sun, I've felt the gladness
Let's sing the scald, the warrior let's fight !
Track Name: PIAREVARACIEN - Blessed My Europe
Blessed my Europe

Moonlight touches the night
Breathing blackness down
Reflects inyour thoughts
By the call of past
Hear this voice again
From the fields of war
Watch these shadows fight
Fire against steel
Fire against flesh
Crave the victory
Witchcraft of old signs
Curved out on our fate
Waiting for attack in the sunset skies
Warriors of light are blond with bright blue eyes...

Snares of our march
Lead ahead the youth
Leaving all behind
Keep the only truth !
When the darkness dies
Watch the falling stars
Watch the curches burn
Watch the end of lies

Gods of my old times !
Bless the bounded ones
With the endless fight
Let them set your signs
Let them hail your feats
Falcons praise the heroes
My native country hears it
How can't you catch these geelings

No more fear, can't you feel it ?
Can't you see your land needs you
No regret, no step aside now
Feel no sorrow, feel no woe!
Break the cross and crush the crescer
Eagle sets the Sun above !

Old belief
Gives back the power
And now I see
My land alive
Folks of Europe
Walk together
Cause they fought gloom
They brought the light !
Poem of War

In the fog of past hear the call of war !
Keep you loyal heart fighting forever !
When the first sunbeams hear the clinking swords
Gods of War call to join bloody battle

Raven caws in gloom by the thousand deaths
Black the wings hail the omen of war!
...Swords attacking shields...
Leaving thunder beneath pouring rain of arrows snarling !

Covered with snow weeping these old winds
Winter comes to leave no young nightdreams
Cold steel songs so fierce sundering us apart
Shadows witchcraft awakens beast inside of me !

Praising the Gods of War warriors afall
This dawn gets the reddest flashes
Melting off the night, pitch-black skies above
Turning purple and leave nothing but ashes...

Raven caws in gloom by the thousand deaths
Black the wings hail the omen of war !
Track Name: PIAREVARACIEN - Silence

When evening falls
When skies are cloudless
The silence here with me
It's the only one eternal
It leads me and it's mine

As if we're drifting fast across a silver river
Which follows the horizons
There goes the whisper of my land
Which wants to talk to us a bit

In loneliness I am not alone then
I know that silence coming here
It will embrace me as a grey smoke
And sadly smile to me again

The silence tells what long ago was
What happens now and what will be
I'm listening to the river's whisper
When evening falls when skies are clear
Track Name: PIAREVARACIEN - Spring

Proud stays on Motherland where eternal flames's burning
Where the memory lives of my nation
Bout the heroes who fought to free our native land
Of red soviet's occupation

Belarusian spirit resistance !
No surrender, Lithuania knights !
So fight on, national partisans !

Painful fate points on honour and courage demanded
Horns of holy war have been heard there again
Belarus! Watch your loyal sons lifting to heavens
Taken up by blonde riders to the light Halls of Fame

nd being jailed you breathe the air of Freedom
Being wrung by the West and the East as well
By your own government excuted you're being
Still withstands, still lives on squeezing sword in your hand...

But you Pride and Honour shall rise in this war flames
Shall rise when spring comes, as fire shall rise !
Shall rise !

On the Parade of Freedom the Belarusians marching
Darkness's mouring for their lives by burial flames
And when comes black September then the Earth falls asleep
Till the long-waited spring, till the endless spring !
Track Name: PIAREVARACIEN - Missing the Sun
Missing the Sun

Sin's fading out...
When the Sun is fading out
sinking down within sparse black pines
Over the hill it's dying when the twilights fall beneath
And the winds breath's fetching autumn
and the winds breath's fetching smoke...

When the Sun is fading out...
then alone you're strolling again
Singing the song of woe...
watch its flying yowards nowhere
Somewhere beyond the horizon...
watching its dying...
No last words, no return, no belief...
so beautiful in front your eyes...
So beautiful inside your heart...

When the Sun is fading out...
ain't the time to change has come ?
To regret... to leave... to learn to live... darkness...
Now you can see the last day of yours here...
Try up to say your farewell in the end...

Yet the Sun has gone, ain't it the very end ?
The stars sympathize they're waiting for me in the dark skies
No, I don't think so... but indeed,, wrong I am...
Being unchanged, now I'm walking toward eyeless dark
The God of dead will show me
the lost steps of the gone away Sun...
Track Name: PIAREVARACIEN - On the Wide Boundless Fields
On the Wide Boundless Fields

We have burnt the night stars
On the wide boundless fields...

The Moon shines silver...
The Milky Way under
The black herbs singing
Its cradle song

Rebelled we've come here
Our torches are sunny
For ones who can trust in...
Unbroken who stand

Tar-black birds by their wings
Clothe the sky in starry veils
Keeping our torches we
Hail the Sun with upraised hands!
Being left in hush we are
Getting farther of the ones
Who said farewell to us
Flying away who are

As the heart bits
Sang be this song
Dustressful and doleful

Brought up by ghosts
Lakes bathed the song
Covered by chilly winds
Deaf song remains
In these eyes forever not lost...

Our mutual lands's
Blood's flowing in veins
Together we shall rise
Our freedom flags up
Together we fight there
Together we die there
And hold one another
Out of battlefields

Trust... keep on... fight on...
Be loyal to your war
And go on!
The last thunder voices
Toted cry havocs of the ones who had fought
Who burnt these stars up while leaving
These wide boundless fields..

Northward... South... West... Eastward...
So many a star is haunting
When night firmaments upon Europe...
Track Name: PIAREVARACIEN - Black Candles Song
Black Candles Song

And may be cold far star storms.
Can breathe some warmth in you ?
And may be dead night darkness.
Adds light within your view ?

Unhappy times when meet you,
No hope, but you believe.
Black candles dying flexuous.
And taken life by mind...

Deep endless skies above me.
Make whirling stellar runes.
I am being whelmed by something.
Have nothing more to choose.

And mirror inside your soul,
What there it even shows ?
Old fears and dusty silence,
Or light ahead your course ?

Keep all your questions answered,
Keep all your doubts have gone,
There's neither sense to live on,
And nor point to return...